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A better quality of life, has a different meaning depending largely upon your current condition. To some that would mean being able to get out of bed, or to perform any simple task, that most of us take for granted. While to others it means optimizing performance or even pampering.

Massage therapy, in various ways, has been used for hundreds of years, within different cultures, across the globe. There have been techniques that have come to us from places like China, India, Tibet, Thailand and Hawaii.  Regardless of your condition, massage enhances your ability to function, by assisting in restoring your body’s ability to heal itself and by allowing blockages to open up and flow freely. These blockages can be found in all areas or systems of your body. Once free and open, the body can move easier and rest better. Your immune system will function better, making it easier to fight off disease  and release stress.

Massage has been known to help with cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, myasthenia gravis (most all auto immune diseases), high cholesterol, to mention a few, and reduces symptoms associated with them, and the medications people must take who have serious illnesses. 

One of the best things about massage is that it is a great way to pamper yourself and to remind yourself how valuable you really are. 

About Jack Dillender, L.M.T.

Jack Dillender graduated in 1986 from Columbia College with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Marketing.  Then in 1997, Jack attended the Relax Station school of Massage in Kingwood, Texas. After passing the Texas State Massage exam, he returned home to Missouri, in 1998. Since his return, he has worked as a Massage Therapist in day spas and health clubs; worked with medical doctors and chiropractors and has maintained a private practice.   Jack can also be found at Spa Shiki at the lodge of the Four Seasons. He is also on the Wellness committee for Project Launch and Columbia Cares for Kids.

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